My Day At Lake Fort Smith

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday the weather was not very much like July weather. It was a lot cooler than it's supposed to be in July, and Mom didn't want to waste such a wonderful day inside the house, so she suggested to Dad that we go fishing at Lake Fort Smith. Dad was all for that idea and called my Grandma and Grandpa to see if they wanted to meet us there becuause Grandpa has been really wanting to go fishing lately.

I knew Saturday that we were going somewhere I could swim because Mom put my waterproof collar on me and my neoprene vest to protect me from fish hooks and other stuff like that. Knowing that I was going to get to swim I was really excited when we loaded up the truck and headed South.

I tried to take a nap in Mom's lap while we were on the Interstate, but Dad kept making noises that disturbed me. I kept giving him dirty looks, but he just kept on making noise. I sort of remember the way to Lake Fort Smith from the two times I went there before, so when we turned off the interstate I decided I wanted to look out the window. Mom told me that when we got to the park she would roll down the window and let me hand out my head.

She did roll down the window, and I saw my Grandma and Grandpa and got even more excited. When we parked, I was in a hurry to get to our favorite spot and start swimming. I had already jumped in and out of the water a whole bunch of times before Dad and Grandpa even started fishing.

Mom and Grandma watched me swim, and I kept trying to dry off on them. At one point I met a chocolate labrador named Bristol who was a few months younger than me. She ws kinda sad because her sister-dog had recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

She was also kinda scared because she had never gone swimming anywhere but a puppy pool in the back yard. At first she just waded around a bit, but then she saw me going after my frisbees and racquetballs and before she knew it, she was swimming! It was a lot of fun to have someone to play with in the water. I wish we could have played together longer.

We ate supper, then I went swimming a little more while the guys fished some more. I was so tired that I slept on either Mom or Dad's lap the whole way home.

I'm Lookin' At The Dog In The Mirror

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lately I've noticed my reflection in the fireplace, and I like to just stare at it. I like to look at it for a lot of reason, the first being I'm not such a bad looking thing to look at. The other is I like to imagine that my reflection is a friend for me to play with. Playing with Mom and Dad is the best, but they just can't always play the way I like to. Everyone wants someone like them around.

Take Your Me To Work Day

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Mom took me to work this afternoon because it was "Take Your Dog To Work Day." At first I wasn't too sure why she did it, but I didn't mind. I always get so happy when she comes home to see me at lunch and so sad when she has to go back to work. This time I got to go with her!

After I got used to where I was, I had so much fun. Everybody there seemed to just love me and tell me what a good, pretty girl I was. I can always stand to hear how pretty I am. I saw Laine, Meredith, Dana, Sydney, Matt, Brook, Amanda, John, Dan, Margot, and a whole lot of other great people. I'm glad Mom works with people who are so great because I wouldn't want her to spend so much time away from me with mean people.

Lovin' the Lake

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yesterday my mom and dad took me with them to see my grammy, my Aunt Angel, Uncle Travis, and my girls, Emma and Kelsey. Uncle Travis grilled burgers for us, and they were very tasty. I got to eat my first corn on the cob too, though Mom took it away before I could actually eat the cob. When we finished eating, Uncle Travis had to go patrol, but the rest of us went to Lake Tenkiller to swim.

I had so much fun! I love swimming, and I love playing with my girls. We played frisbee, wubba, and fetch with my racquetballs. Kelsey had me pull her while I went to fetch stuff. Sometimes I got worried when Emma would go far out in the water, even if my Daddy was with her. She's little, and someone has to take care of her. A big, black dog walked by us once, and I told him to stay away from my girls, also. Something about him made me worry, so I told him where he could go.

After spending a couple of hours in the water, I started to get tired so I first I tried to get Kelsey to carry me. Then I decided that Dad could carry me on his back. When I started getting really tired, Mom came and pulled me out of the water to dry off because she didn't want me to get sick. I was too tired to swim, but I didn't want to get out, especially when my girls were still out there.

All in all, it was a fun day, and I hope we get to do it again, soon.

I Have An Emma-Girl!

Friday, June 5, 2009

The other day I was taking my evening bike ride with Mom when my friend Charlie, the shih tzu and his little girl with brown hair stopped to talk to us. Charlie's little girl likes to pet me, and I like little girls a lot. They're fun.

While Mom was talking to Charlie's girl with brown hair, Charlie and I had a conversation of our own.

Charlie: Lucy, how come I only see you with your Mom or Dad? Where's your little girl or boy?

Me: I don't have a little girl or boy, just my Mom and Dad. I like little girls and boys, but I don't know where to get one.

Charlie: You need to tell your Mom and Dad to go to the kid store and get you a kid. They're a lot of fun and have a lot more energy than Moms and Dads do.

Me: I don't think you can get a kid at a kid store because Mom and Dad talk about getting one all the time, but haven't yet. Sometimes they seem sad about it too.

Charlie: That's too bad.

Me: I guess I kind of have a couple of little girls of my own. I've got an Emma-girl who is little with curly blond hair. She calls my Mom "Adrienne" or "Sissy." I think those may be Mom's nicknames like she calls me "Lucille" and "Puddin Head." My Emma-girl lives with my Aunt Angel. I also have a Kelsey-girl there too. She's a lot taller than Emma-girl and while I have to be careful when I play with Emma, I don't with Kelsey. She likes to wrestle with me. They are an awful lof of fun. They can be my girls until Mom and Dad finally get me one of my own.

Dana's Dish 6/2/09

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm kind of famous.

Dana's Dish 6/2/09

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Babysitting Is Hard Work!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Saturday I babysat my cousin Emma while her mom and Kelsey were at a swim-meet in Bentonville. I had a lot of fun doing it because Emma will chase me around the coffee table in circles over and over again. She's not too big though, so I have to be careful with her. I tried to waller her once, and Mom got on to me. After that I was careful with her.

We hugged, we played bubbles, and I let her "train" me with crackers and cheese. It made Emma feel like a big girl for me to sit when she would tell me to, and I love to get hugs and kisses and to be told that I'm a good girl.

We also went swimming in my pool. Emma got in first, and I remembered that I have to be more careful with her than I am with Mom and Dad, so I didn't really know if I should jump into my pool. Finally i did, but I did it very carefully and mostly just laid down next to Emma and splashed some.

Aunt Angel and Kelsey came to the house about five or so, and we ordered pizza to eat and played hide and seek. I really love those girls and wish that I could play with them more often.

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