I Have An Emma-Girl!

Friday, June 5, 2009

The other day I was taking my evening bike ride with Mom when my friend Charlie, the shih tzu and his little girl with brown hair stopped to talk to us. Charlie's little girl likes to pet me, and I like little girls a lot. They're fun.

While Mom was talking to Charlie's girl with brown hair, Charlie and I had a conversation of our own.

Charlie: Lucy, how come I only see you with your Mom or Dad? Where's your little girl or boy?

Me: I don't have a little girl or boy, just my Mom and Dad. I like little girls and boys, but I don't know where to get one.

Charlie: You need to tell your Mom and Dad to go to the kid store and get you a kid. They're a lot of fun and have a lot more energy than Moms and Dads do.

Me: I don't think you can get a kid at a kid store because Mom and Dad talk about getting one all the time, but haven't yet. Sometimes they seem sad about it too.

Charlie: That's too bad.

Me: I guess I kind of have a couple of little girls of my own. I've got an Emma-girl who is little with curly blond hair. She calls my Mom "Adrienne" or "Sissy." I think those may be Mom's nicknames like she calls me "Lucille" and "Puddin Head." My Emma-girl lives with my Aunt Angel. I also have a Kelsey-girl there too. She's a lot taller than Emma-girl and while I have to be careful when I play with Emma, I don't with Kelsey. She likes to wrestle with me. They are an awful lof of fun. They can be my girls until Mom and Dad finally get me one of my own.


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