Take Your Me To Work Day

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Mom took me to work this afternoon because it was "Take Your Dog To Work Day." At first I wasn't too sure why she did it, but I didn't mind. I always get so happy when she comes home to see me at lunch and so sad when she has to go back to work. This time I got to go with her!

After I got used to where I was, I had so much fun. Everybody there seemed to just love me and tell me what a good, pretty girl I was. I can always stand to hear how pretty I am. I saw Laine, Meredith, Dana, Sydney, Matt, Brook, Amanda, John, Dan, Margot, and a whole lot of other great people. I'm glad Mom works with people who are so great because I wouldn't want her to spend so much time away from me with mean people.


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