Babysitting Is Hard Work!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Saturday I babysat my cousin Emma while her mom and Kelsey were at a swim-meet in Bentonville. I had a lot of fun doing it because Emma will chase me around the coffee table in circles over and over again. She's not too big though, so I have to be careful with her. I tried to waller her once, and Mom got on to me. After that I was careful with her.

We hugged, we played bubbles, and I let her "train" me with crackers and cheese. It made Emma feel like a big girl for me to sit when she would tell me to, and I love to get hugs and kisses and to be told that I'm a good girl.

We also went swimming in my pool. Emma got in first, and I remembered that I have to be more careful with her than I am with Mom and Dad, so I didn't really know if I should jump into my pool. Finally i did, but I did it very carefully and mostly just laid down next to Emma and splashed some.

Aunt Angel and Kelsey came to the house about five or so, and we ordered pizza to eat and played hide and seek. I really love those girls and wish that I could play with them more often.


Shorty said...

So cute, Lucy!

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