I've Been Busy Again...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Today I'm helping my Dad in the yard. We're going to mow and plant tomoatoes. I'm enjoying spending time with him because he hasn't been home too much lately. Mom does a lot with me, and I love her just as much as Dad, but I've really missed spending time with him.

Last weekend I saw my first bunny rabbbits at my grandma and grandpa's and chased them all over the place. It was a lot of fun. I tried to play with Lica, but she's just too old to really have a lot of fun.

I also got along a lot better with my Uncle Soot while I was there this time. We both actually slept on Uncle Boone's bed for a while and stayed in the same room together for a while. Then, when we were in the kitchen, he started going after my food and water. I didn't really mind and wanted to help him, but he seemed to mind. He hissed at me and jumped into a chair. I went to sniff of him in the chair, and he hit me in the face. It really hurt my feelings, so I went to let Dad and Grandpa console me. Later on he seemed nicer again, but I didn't get close enough to let him hit me either.

Sunday we went to Mom's family renion, down at Cedar Lake. It was good to see all of those people who knew my name. Kelsey and Emma were there, and lots of other kids gave me all sorts of hugs and kisses. My cousin Drew kissed my bottom, and the big girls all thought that was funny.

I tried to swim in the Lake with Kelsey and Brady. We were jumping off the dock, and it was kinda scary but fun at the same time. Then a ranger came by, and Mom had to make me get out of the water. Kelsey was mad because she wanted to swim with me, and I wasn't too happy about it. More hugs from the kids made it ok though.

I was really tired when we finally got home and was glad that Mom didn't go in to work Monday because I just slept on the couch all morning.


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